Skwezed x Blankers Is Here!



Calling all vape enthusiasts and beginners! The newest collaboration between Skwezed x Blankers is here! It’s no wonder that Skwezed, experts in creating authentic fruit flavor, have partnered up with Blankers, a brand new device that features cutting edge technology! The resulting product is the best of flavor and innovation - a trustworthy vaping product that is an all-in-one package with everything you need for immediate enjoyment!


How It Started

The search for the perfect vaping product is always ongoing. With so many options on both the disposable and e-liquid side, how do you choose what’s best for you? The Skwezed x Blankers collaboration wanted to combine the best of both these worlds, featuring a refillable and rechargeable Blankers device bundled with a 10ml bottle of Skwezed E-Liquid! Now, you can enjoy the ease that disposables give you with the endless possibilities of flavor that e-liquids contain!


Skwezed x Blankers - The Specs

Let’s get into what really makes this collaboration stand out. The Blankers device has a refillable and rechargeable design, meaning that you can refill your Blankers device with any 0mg or salt nic e-liquid of your choosing! Recharge with a USB-C cable when necessary and enjoy long-lasting vape sessions again and again. Each 10ml bottle of Skwezed E-Liquid contains a 10k puff count, combine that with Blankers refillable design and watch that puff count go up! Every wonder how much juice is left in your disposable? Well, now you can see your juice levels through the tank, making it easy to gauge when to refill or replace your device!  


The Flavor Lineup - Four New Flavors

What’s even more exciting about this collaboration is the debut of four new Skwezed Salt Nic Frozen flavors! The new flavors include: Kiberry (Kiwi Strawberry), Maui Gold (Pineapple), Mellow Dew (Honeydew), and Blue Blast (Blue Raspberry)! Each Skwezed x Blankers pack comes with a 10ml bottle of Skwezed E-Liquid, featuring a 25mg concentration! With icy cool and fruity flavors that taste just like it, you have a number of delicious options to choose from!


Explore Endless Vaping Possibilities

With the Skwezed x Blankers collab, a new era of vaping is in sight. Fusing the best of disposables and e-liquids, this partnership is the perfect product for both seasoned enthusiasts and those just starting out! Step into a world of endless vaping possibilities with Skwezed x Blankers!

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