How to Unclog Your Disposable Vape Pen

How to Unclog a Disposable Vape Pen

Warm the Disposable Vape Pen

Is there a preheat function on your vaporizer? If that's the case, this is the best option. Warm the oil in your cart to the point where it will dissolve the clog. It's fine if your current pen doesn't have a preheat function. Alternatively, a hairdryer can be used.

Place your cart so that the mouthpiece is facing the ground. For a few seconds, shoot it with the hairdryer. This should allow it to flow freely out of the airway.

Hit/Pull from the Pen with no fire

Attempt to hit the cart without first firing it up. Pull air softly without starting the cart. The blockage can sometimes be felt or heard pulling across the airway. You should be able to tell when the clog is gone when you pull.

Clean Your Pen

Take a paperclip, a toothpick, or something else small. Insert it into your cart's mouthpiece. Take cautious not to bury it too deeply. Gently move it around inside the mouthpiece with care, scraping the inside surfaces. This can help unclog a cart by removing excess oil from areas where it isn't supposed to be. It's preferable not to poke around until absolutely necessary.

Prevent having to unclog your disposable vape pen in the future

Take a small pull

Continue to draw air through the cart for a few seconds after you've stopped shooting it after you take a puff. This helps clear out excess vapor, which can cause clogs. Extra air can be drawn in to keep the oil from condensing and forming along the inner walls.

Hit your vape pen softer

It's possible that you're hitting your pen too hard at times. Take milder hits to see if that helps to clear the obstruction. A softer strike will also help the cart last longer. That's also good news for your money.

Keep your pen vertical

Maintain the verticality of your disposable vape. This can sometimes even aid in the unclogging of a disposable vape pen..

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